Welcome to Lola Perrin Sheet Music

This is where you can browse through my catalogue of piano music by listening to extracts while you view sample pages of each piece.

How to find pieces you can play

To help you find music suited to your ability I have developed a grid that gives you essential information on each piece at a glance.

Some pieces use an open key signature with accidentals that come and go, and this is shown by on the grid.

Making your selection

You can buy complete piano suites just as I originally composed them, in their groups of pieces. Each suite has between four and twelve compositions.

Please come back to www.lolaperrinsheetmusic.com from time to time as I will be adding new pieces to this site as I compose them. And click here to join my mailing list to be kept up to date with new sheet music releases and live performances of my music.

Finally, if you want to hear whole pieces instead of extracts, the recordings are available to purchase.
Click on buy CDs inside the site for full information.

I hope you enjoy playing my pieces!

Lola Perrin



Lola Perrin is an American born composer living in London. She has devoted herself to creating a catalogue of imaginative music for the piano. Lola performs her pieces in the UK and on mainland Europe.
For more information about the composer please visit www.lolaperrin.com








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