Piano Suite I:
Early one Sunday Morning

part 1 "Early Dawn"
part 2 "Questioning"
part 3 "Explaining"
part 4 "Love"
part 5 "Underhand"
part 6 "Uncertain"
part 7 "Dawn"

Piano Suite II:
Nine Images for Piano

Part 1 "Canyon Dusk"
Part 2 "The man in the black hat below is probably sleeping"
Part 3 "Going on bird speed"
Part 4 "The bridge, the brook"
Part 5 "One step at a time"
Part 6 "One step, strolling"
Part 7 "One step, nearly skipping"
Part 8 "Fireflies and Ice"
Part 9 "Softer green sleeping"

Piano Suite III:
Perpetual Motion

Part 1 "Whole Numbers"
Part 2 "Perpetual Motion"
Part 3 "Unravelling"
Part 4 "Pulse"
Part 5 "Island"
Part 6 "Ripple"
Part 7 "Butterflies"

Piano Suite IV:
Music from Fragile Light Spaces

Part 1 "Newark Airport 1"
Part 2 "Newark Airport 2"
Part 3 "Newark Airport 3"
Part 4 "Newark Airport 4"
Part 5 "Newark Airport 5"
Part 6 "Newark Airport 6"
Part 7 "Cloud Sky Fade"

Piano Suite V:
The Silver Suite

Part 1 "Abandon"
Part 2 "The Sound of Silver "
Part 3 "Julia's Chorus"
Part 4 "Descent Into"

Piano Suite VI:
Theory of K

Part 1 "Defrag"
Part 2 "Theory of K"
Part 3 "Thoughtfall"
Part 4 "Drama at the axon terminal"
Part 5 "Where is me?"

Piano Suite VII:

Part 1 "London is a rhythm"
Part 2 "First Memory"
Part 3 "The Sea of Names"
Part 4 "Across one hundred years"

Piano Suite VIII:
On the gradient road

Part 1 "Crossing the water"
Part 2 "In the time of peace"
Part 3 "The Departure"
Part 4 "The Ritual"
Part 5 "The Arrival"
Part 7 "Surrender 1"
Part 8 "The Advance 1"
Part 9 "Water"
Part 10 "The Advance 2"
Part 11 "Surrender 2"
Part 12 "On the Gradient Road"

Standing Alone Volume 1
Nine Piano Pieces

"The Dogs"
"By Peculiar Grace"
"Long Ago Yesterday"
"Light Trails"
"Interpretation of Alexis Kirke's My Continuum?"
"Weather Girls Fantasia"
"There's someone for everyone"

Barcelona for 6 pianos

"Barcelona for 6 pianos"

G Mass

"G Mass for 2 pianos"
"G Mass for piano duet"



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